The CardiacIQ Process

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Before your appointment, make sure you understand the details of your insurance coverage. Check if the cardiologist is in-network and what services are covered under your plan.

Always carry your insurance card with you and present it at the reception desk during each office visit. This card contains essential information required for billing and verification of eligibility.
Upon arrival, you may be required to fill out forms regarding your medical history, current medications, and any symptoms you are experiencing. These forms are crucial for the cardiologist to provide the best care possible.
Be prepared to pay any co-payments or deductibles that are due at the time of the visit. This amount varies depending on your insurance plan.
The cardiologist will conduct the necessary examinations, tests, and provide treatment as needed.
After your visit, the office staff will prepare the billing, which will include the services provided, and send it to your insurance company for payment.
The insurance company will process the bill and determine the amount to be paid to the cardiologist. If there are any discrepancies or additional information required, the insurance company may contact the cardiologist’s office or you directly.
Once the insurance company has processed the bill, you may receive a statement indicating any remaining balance that you are responsible for paying. This may include any co-payments, deductibles, or non-covered services.
Make the necessary payments to the cardiologist’s office as indicated on the statement. Payments can usually be made online, by phone, or by mailing a check.
Keep a copy of all bills, payments, and correspondence with the insurance company and the cardiologist’s office for your records.

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